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What Brides Say About Their Wedding Videos.

Here are just a few of the actual comments from brides and grooms who have had their wedding documented by a WEVA professional's.

"Before our wedding, I never realized how important our video would be. It's priceless."

"The video showed so much that I missed at the wedding."

"At first, Sara and I were hesitant to hire a videographer...until we saw the final product and were astounded by its momentum and quality."

"We are so glad we got a professional video. It's better than we ever imagined."

Why should I have a Wedding Video of my day?

Professional videography saves and protects life's most precious and beautiful moments--as they actually happened. And what is more important to hold precious than the sights and sounds from the most important day of your life--your wedding day! Because the event goes by so quickly, capturing all of the activities, your ceremony and reception, on video will mean your wedding will be preserved for you and your family now, and most importantly...for all the generations ahead.

How important is a professionally produced wedding video? Suppose a friend told you they had in one hand a book of professional photos of the day your grandparents were married, and in their other hand a professionally-produced video of that same day, in full color, with stereo sound, but that you could only choose one to view and keep as a family heirloom. Which would you choose? Today, thanks to new developments in digital technology and the advanced skills of professional videographers, your choices in professional wedding videography are unlimited!

Only HD DVD video (and now Blu-ray) will allow everyone to relive your wedding day as it actually happened to see you walk down the aisle, to hear your voices as you exchange vows and rings, to hear and see the toasts, the music, your first dance at the reception...and the chance to preserve the complete story of your wedding. This wasn't possible in the past.

Even today, you have only one chance to be sure your wedding day is professionally captured....just one chance to be sure all of the emotions, the love and laughter are preserved for you to share again and again. Today professional videographers have become as natural a part of the wedding as the photographer.


Unobtrusive Wedding Video Coverage.

Through new developments in digital technology, camcorders and microphones have grown much smaller than ever before. Old-fashioned bright lights and heavy equipment is no longer necessary. Wireless microphones, for example, are now smaller than an ear ring!

We have invested in new digital video editing systems that have revolutionized the artistic expressions found in a finished video. As a result, your Wedding Video can look and sound as good as any program you may see on broadcast television! Plus, a professionally-produced Wedding Video can be artistically enhanced with the use of classic effects such as slow-motion, black & white imaging, and dreamy dissolves that make your video flow seamlessly from beginning to end.

New Wedding Video Styles.

Whether you prefer your video to have a classic, story-telling approach, similar to television programs such as A&E's "Biography" or a fast-paced, highly-stylized "MTV" look. Most brides are unaware of the exciting new ways to have their Wedding Video taped to match their taste and style.

We capture the "Story Behind the Story" of your wedding in ways that just weren't possible even two or three years ago. Today, some brides opt for video coverage to begin on the morning of their wedding, while others begin coverage far in advance.

Advance coverage may start with video of the planning stages of your wedding, the story behind your engagement, or your own special music video. You may also want to consider coverage of your rehearsal dinner, where emotional, heartfelt toasts are typically made. Many brides also prefer a special short-form photo/video montage that combines childhood and engagement photos and memories, which is shown at the reception. From very simple to very complete, your videography options today are exciting, elegant and unlimited! And each can be completely tailored to suit your individual needs and requests.

At Azure IX Media and 1ST Wedding Video, we've put together Demo Videos which showcase the most dramatic creative video ideas in the industry. And now we have the short-form wedding video.


The Value of Professional Wedding Video.

When you choose to invest in a professional videographer who is a member of WEVA (Wedding & Event Videographers Association International), you're honoring the importance of your wedding day. Only a trained and experienced wedding videographer is prepared to capture the details of your special day, from the rush of preparations at the beginning of the day, through the emotional moments of the ceremony, and the excitement of the reception. Afterwards, creative editing will polish your tape artistically and professionally to produce a video (or DVD) that not only documents your day, but is fun and entertaining to watch again and again!

Because your choice of videographers is so vital to the memories you will have after your wedding day ends, WEVA International along with top bridal consultants, advises brides to get an early start in the process of selecting their videographer, and to shop based on quality. Placing videography at the top of your priority list also ensures the best chance of securing your first choice, as today's videographers are booked far in advance.

Just like professional photography, pricing for professional videography varies widely, even within the same geographic region. Talent, technology, and time are three key factors which will affect the pricing of your video.

For example, you may find professional videographers in your area using cameras and editing systems that are similar. But it will be their skills, experience, style, and techniques in both shooting and editing that will immediately capture your attention and be the distinguishing differences you will notice in their work. This is why it is virtually impossible to shop by price alone when selecting your videographer. Professional wedding videography is an artistic, not a mechanical medium. Videographers shoot and edit video differently.

Video styles and quality can vary tremendously even within the same community. In order to make an informed decision about the distinguishing differences, and be sure that your videographer can match your preferences, it is best to see actual samples of work produced by the videographer who will be recording your event. When you stop by to see samples, you will also have an ideal opportunity to discuss your wedding details and style preferences before making your final decision.


Creating Your Own Wedding Love Story Video.

One increasingly popular supplement to wedding day coverage is a custom produced "Love Story Video." Also called a "Reflections Video" or a "Concept Video," this tells the story of how you both met and fell in love. You have the opportunity to let everyone -including future generations- know how your relationship evolved right up to this special day.

A Love Story Video can be as creative and special as you like, reflecting your own unique personality as a couple. Some Love Stories, for example, are produced as a music video, shot on-location with you and your fiancée at your favorite settings. Others may take the form of an indoor, or outdoor, interview session that also features important family photographs, even video clips. Still others combine the two styles.

In general, a "Love Story" is a short, fun-to-watch video. This makes it a natural addition to your reception entertainment. Imagine seeing your own Love Story unfold on the big screen at your reception, sharing it with all of your guests. We produce exceptional Love Stories and can arrange for yours to be shown at your reception.

Additional videos can be made to send to loved ones who are unable to attend your wedding. You have a wonderful and unique story to tell. The latest advances in digital video technology now allow you to preserve and share your special story­-and there's no limit to the creativity!


Should I have a second Camera at my Wedding?

Restrictions from various Religious establishment can inhibit main camera movement and in some cases may result in an obscured view. There's a great deal of movement by individuals, including the photographer in the center isle. A second camera provides another dimension to the production insuring that important moments won't be lost and dramatically increases the final production. We recommend our Orchid Wedding Package which includes the Grooms-side shot focusing on close up of the Bride and Groom.

Strategic placement of a second camera off to the side near the Alter can capture the wedding couples emotions while they face the celebrant... This insures special moments are captured. From a close up of a tear that gently rolls from her face... to your first kiss as man and wife... The best videographer can not be in two places at once, so for complete coverage, our Rose wedding package has three videographers capturing three angles, usually the third camera would be place on the Brides-Side to capture the Groom and his Groomsmen.

Additionally we are able to establish continuity and synchronicity in the final edited HD DVD and Blue-ray productions because we can create soft fades from your parents or family member and then back to the wedding couple, or to scan the Bridesmaids, Groomsman and the reader during the reading. This insures that all the important emotions are captured forever and with our professional editing we recreate your wedding day. Great for viewing on your anniversaries!


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